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Halloween Jam '16: Nani Pelekai by IronBloodAika Halloween Jam '16: Nani Pelekai :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 223 18
Contest 2: Electric Boogaloo Entry
How long has it been since he first awoke?
He didn’t remember.
Was he always as he was?
He didn’t know.
Did he use to be someone else?
He didn’t care.
That wasn’t true. Part of it wasn’t true. He remembered, he knew…something.
He remembered the heat of the flames and the shrieks of sirens. He remembered the smoke pouring through the walls, snuffing out what little light and air remained. He remembered his prison of flesh, trapping the living mind beneath the sheets that at that moment began to burn. He recalled these fragmented images, tied together by a single faint emotion that highlighted every scene: relief. Whoever he once was, whatever had brought him there…it made him welcome death.
It was like a dream. The silent and cold blackness felt both brief and eternal, but not unwelcome. For the first time in a long time, he felt, at peace. But all good things, he soon learned, did not last forever. Before he could enjoy the gift of oblivion, he
:iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 1 12
Halloween Jam '15: Supergirl by IronBloodAika Halloween Jam '15: Supergirl :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 211 43 My Death Battle Template by IronBloodAika My Death Battle Template :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 29 25
What Kaiju Are You Contest?
Name: IronBloodAika
Type of Monster: Mythical Marauder
  Like others of this class, Aika most resembles a creature of myth or legend. In its case it most closely resembles the three-headed beast Cerberus, described as the Guardian of the Underworld by the ancient Greeks. While key traits such as multiple heads and overall build are similar to ancient texts, there are many key differences that are clearly visible upon closer inspection.
  Using nearby standing structures for reference alongside surveillance satellites, it is estimated that Aika stands at a height of 30 m (98.42) at the shoulder and slopping downward at an angle to a total length of 80 m (262.46 ft). Its front limbs are wide spaced and straight and more well muscled then the backs which are shorter and with noticeable hocks which give them a well angulated bend. Aika is a digitigrade, meaning its weight is placed upon its toes, 5 in the front and 4 in the back, both sets end wi
:iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 6 2
Ryker: Moxie of Speed
Ryker: The Moxie of Speed
Real Name: Aaron Reeves
Age: 25
Ethnicity: African-American
Sexual Orientation: Unknown, possibly Asexual
Home Town: Chicago, Illinois
Power: Leech the kinetic energy off of nearby objects or people, thereby increasing his speed to proportional levels.
Ability: Enhanced senses allow Ryker to maintain control of himself during high speed runs.
Weakness: Without moving objects nearby for Ryker to steal from, he is completely incapable of movement.
Affiliation: N/A
Cause of Death: Burned to death in a hospital fire.
Goal(s): To see everything there is in the world.
Personality: If Ryker had even heard of the phrase “No Man is an Island” he’d no doubt consider himself the exception. Ryker’s only concern in life is himself and living it outside of anyone’s oversight or control. He goes where he wants and does what he wants. While he shows no cont
:iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 1 8
Smash Bros. Pokemon Ideas
Rarity: Common
Move: Teleport
Effect: Abra will sit in the location it is summoned until approached by an opponent, an opponent’s attack, or an opponent’s summon, at which point it will Teleport away. Any items or hostile summons are taken as well.
Rarity: Common
Move: Defense Curl
Effect: Geodude will float around the summoner and act as a shield from enemy attacks. Geodude can be pushed aside by particularly strong attacks before returning to its summoner. The distance knocked back is determined by the type of attack. Normal and Fire-Attacks deal minor knockback, Electric-Attacks deal no knockback, Darkness-Attacks deal normal knockback, Ice-Attacks deal heavy knockback, and Grass and Water-Attacks cause enormous knockback.
Rarity: Rare
Move: Triple Kick
Effect: After charging itself by spinning in place, Hitmontop will shoot forward toward the closest opponent. Upon reaching them, Hitmontop will kick the opponent into the air a
:iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 2 3
Emotions and Horses by IronBloodAika Emotions and Horses :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 13 45 Halloween Jam '13: Ami and Yumi by IronBloodAika Halloween Jam '13: Ami and Yumi :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 134 30 Halloween Jam '13: Ember McLain by IronBloodAika Halloween Jam '13: Ember McLain :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 525 98 DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.100 by IronBloodAika DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.100 :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 5 26 DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.99 by IronBloodAika DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.99 :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 8 35 DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.98 by IronBloodAika DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.98 :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 10 33 DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.97 by IronBloodAika DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.97 :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 5 46 DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.96 by IronBloodAika DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.96 :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 14 62 DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.95 by IronBloodAika DEATH BATTLE Wishlist No.95 :iconironbloodaika:IronBloodAika 16 50


Time for Another One of Danny's Crazy Ideas
I want to do my OWN second season of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. I just... it really inspired me. That almost never happens- at least not when it comes to TV shows. Not that I haven't watched any good shows in a while, but I was just about ready to write off the Total Drama series for good until i saw this (24 out of 26 episodes... and I LOVE it). I mean, Revenge of the Island was alright, All-Stars was ABYSMAL, and Pahkitew was good but INCREDIBLY flawed, so I was pretty much about to cross this series off my "To Watch" list... and then THIS spin-off happened and I was GLUED to it, from beginning to damn-near-end. So far, the latest episode (as of this journal's being posted) "Last Tango in Buenos Aires", is my favorite episode of the season. And if any fellow TD fans are reading this, then boy do I have some plans for YOU.
I discussed this idea with :iconironbloodaika: and he likes it. =P (Although some of the teams have been changed or rea
:iconblumoontoons:BluMoonToons 1 4
Tagged by :iconTotalDramaFan44:
Rules for the tag:
1. You have to post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6. You can't say that you don't do tags.
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
9. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
10. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
11. Cussing is ALLOWED
Stuff about me
1) I might be going to college in February
2) I want to be a writer when I grow up.
3) I've always wanted to go to Italy.
4) I spend most of my free time watching TV and going online.
5) I hate onions.
6) I can't swim
7) I can't ride a bike
8) My favorite Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
9) My favorite Dre
:iconshirley4444:Shirley4444 3 20
DeviantArt Anniversary Questionnaire
Well many of my friends have done this and I simply don't have enough activity going on my page. ^^; So why not jump the bandwagon right along with y'all? ;) Okay, here we go:
1) How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Seven years come this December. Lucky me, lol. :)
2) What does your username mean?
My name is taken directly from the anime movie AKIRA, which I saw the same year I joined this site. Very impressive film, check it out sometime if you haven't seen it already. :nod: The '500' doesn't really have a meaning, lots of people have numbers in their usernames :XD: Been thinking about changing my username though while still retaining the name "Akira".
3) Describe yourself in three words.
Opinionated. Imaginative. Outgoing.
4) Are you left or right-handed?
5) What was your first deviation?
I don't know, and I haven't drawn in the longest time. :hmm: Hopefully someday I'll get back into it, but I think I'd have to radically improve my
:iconakira500:Akira500 7 21
Hakufu Sonsaku vs. Sakura Sakurakouji by JasonPictures Hakufu Sonsaku vs. Sakura Sakurakouji :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 4 1 Krystal vs. Cassandra Anderson by JasonPictures Krystal vs. Cassandra Anderson :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 2 1 Kitty Katswell vs. White Tiger by JasonPictures Kitty Katswell vs. White Tiger :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 4 2 Noa vs. Tifa Lockhart by JasonPictures Noa vs. Tifa Lockhart :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 4 1 Miho vs. River Tam by JasonPictures Miho vs. River Tam :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 2 0 Lucy vs. Liara T'Soni by JasonPictures Lucy vs. Liara T'Soni :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 3 1 Black Cat vs. Kasumi Goto by JasonPictures Black Cat vs. Kasumi Goto :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 6 1 Rogue vs. Hawkgirl by JasonPictures Rogue vs. Hawkgirl :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 8 5 Three Blue Girls by ChadRocco
Mature content
Three Blue Girls :iconchadrocco:ChadRocco 237 30
My Top Ten Daimon by vassilizaitzev
Mature content
My Top Ten Daimon :iconvassilizaitzev:vassilizaitzev 11 40
Sakura Haruno vs. Sakura Sakurakouji by JasonPictures Sakura Haruno vs. Sakura Sakurakouji :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 4 4 Cassandra Cain vs. River Tam by JasonPictures Cassandra Cain vs. River Tam :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 2 1 Rogue vs. Sakura Sakurakouji by JasonPictures Rogue vs. Sakura Sakurakouji :iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 3 2



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Looks like I have some work to do this week.
Glad Wolfenstein got a sequel. Nothing more wholesome and fun than killing Nazis! XD
If Android 18 wins, I'll start posting up DB stuff again.
Then look no further than… owned and operated by one of my friends off-site! :)

She's got a ton of experience making cosplays (All those outfits in the banner? All made by her!) as well as accessories and props! Her costs are reasonable and her reviews all positive! If you're interested in getting something good for your next con, shoot her a message and talk some business!

And spreading the word about her work would be mucho appreciated! :D

Thanks and happy shopping!


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DisneySquirrelGem Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
So how you been?
IronBloodAika Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
Good. Yourself? XD
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TheKoboldNecromancer Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Student Writer
Say there, buddy, have you ever seen or heard of the Persona video game series? I ask because in the latest one to come out, Persona 5, there's a leading female character in it that I think would seriously be to your liking, considering your love for Courtney.  :la: :)
IronBloodAika Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
Can't say I have.
TheKoboldNecromancer Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Student Writer
There is one gal named Makoto, and she's pretty much like Courtney in SO many ways: overachiever with high standards for herself, feels lots of pressure, uptight and stern nature but has a secret wild side, physically fit and highly capable of matters of mind and body, and she even sounds like Courtney.  There's so many ways I think Makoto is like Courtney, with just one major exception: she doesn't become OOC because the writers willed it.

I bring this all up because the more I watch the playthroughs of Persona 5, the more I think, "Aika would LOVE Makoto."  Hehe, thought I'd just bring her up.  ;)
IronBloodAika Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
Kinky. XD
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DisneySquirrelGem Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I love how I only played it once, yet Nina and Julia are my favorite Tekken characters.
Garo123456 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello! I am happy to announce my personal Jurassic Park/Jurassic World tribute project finally finished! :D It took me a whole month, but it was worth it. Please just click this link and have fun:… :)
I tried to be as scientifically accurate as possible(feathered dromeosaurs, supinated arms, etc), but then again a lot of paleonthology is speculation and constantly changing, so I am not responsible for any inaccuracies. No one is perfect, and it's not my fault the modders have made the things in these pictures the way they are shown. :( Overall however I chose and showed the best high-quality mods(as few glitches as possible, good/realistic-looking AND scientifically accurate). In order to get a better view, simply left click on the picture(obviously), also you will see some interesting info in its' below description. All positive and/or neutral feedback is appreciated: comments, views, faves, downloads, llamas, etc. If you have a question, feel free to ask me. Also if you see a mistake/problem, tell me and(if possible) I will try to fix it. Just please post it on the specific picture or the gallery/folder as a whole(sending notes is also appreciated). Please keep in mind that a lot of time, research and effort was put in making these pictures. I had to search and download the mods, build the exhibits, look up the animals' info on the Internet, and take the snapshot itself. The last one was particularly time-consuming and annoying, since the animals wouldn't stand still(especially the marine/aquatic ones). I even spend several nights sleepless doing this. :X
Lastly, while I must admit I am making this for fun and for others to enjoy, I also have a personal reason. I wish this will motivate others to make simular projects and/or draw these animals(for those who like prehistory, of course). If you are planning on using these pictures, sure go ahead. :thumbsup: Just remember to credit me. ;) But more importantly, my prehistoric portfolio is in honour of zoo sim and/or dinosaur games(Zoo Tycoon, Mesozoica, Prehistoric Kingdom, etc) and their communities. Thank you everyone, I couldn't have done it without you. :happycry: So now my friends, please click the link and enjoy the show. :bow:
PS: Here's a teaser/spoiler for my next big project in the future:…
I don't know when exactly I will do it, but I promise one day it will be done. Goodbye for now, and best of wishes to everyone. :thanks:
IronBloodAika Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
DisneySquirrelGem Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I'm going to upload a new video and it will involve some old Mortal Kombat art.

Warning: The art will be old and crappy.
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