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Rarity: Common
Move: Teleport
Effect: Abra will sit in the location it is summoned until approached by an opponent, an opponent’s attack, or an opponent’s summon, at which point it will Teleport away. Any items or hostile summons are taken as well.

Rarity: Common
Move: Defense Curl
Effect: Geodude will float around the summoner and act as a shield from enemy attacks. Geodude can be pushed aside by particularly strong attacks before returning to its summoner. The distance knocked back is determined by the type of attack. Normal and Fire-Attacks deal minor knockback, Electric-Attacks deal no knockback, Darkness-Attacks deal normal knockback, Ice-Attacks deal heavy knockback, and Grass and Water-Attacks cause enormous knockback.

Rarity: Rare
Move: Triple Kick
Effect: After charging itself by spinning in place, Hitmontop will shoot forward toward the closest opponent. Upon reaching them, Hitmontop will kick the opponent into the air and continue to air juggle them with two more kicks before disappearing.

Rarity: Rare
Ability: Damp
Effect: All Explosive-Attacks/Items are rendered inert and will not explode for as long as Quagsire remains on the screen.

Rarity: Common
Move: Sunny Day/Rain Dance/Sandstorm/Hail
After being summoned, Castform will randomly use a different weather move that'll grant different effects to all the fighters until it despawns.
o Sunny Day:
Fire-Attack/Item Damage increased by 50%  and Water-Attack Damage decreased by 50%
Players cannot be frozen by Ice-Attacks/Items
o Rain Dance:
Water-Attack/Item Damage increased by 50%  and Fire-Attack Damage decreased by 50%
Electric-Attacks/Items go through shields (do not break)
o Sandstorm:
Deals damage to all opponents on screen (unless under the effects of a Metal Box or Super Star)
Reduces damage dealt by Indirect Attacks/Items by 50%
o Hail:
Deals damage to all opponents on screen (unless frozen or under the effect of a Super Star)
Ice-Attacks/Items go through shields (do not break)

Rarity: Common
Ability: Static
Effect: Stunfisk will place itself on the ground and act similar to a Motion-Sensor Mine. Opponents who steps on it will be paralyzed for a short time and be rendered vulnerable.

Rarity: Common
Move: Amnesia
Effect: Slowpoke blasts the surrounding area with a wave of psychic energy. Opponents caught in this wave will have a random Special Move rendered unusable. Attempts to use the blocked move will cause the Fighter to become confused with a “?” over their head and leaving them vulnerable. Due to Slowpoke’s nature, when he triggers this attack after summoning is random.

Rarity: Rare
Move/Ability: Hammer Arm/Truant
Effect: Slaking rushes towards the nearest opponent and delivers a devastating clothesline that’ll deal massive damage, all but guaranteeing a OHKO, before lying down on the ground and taking a rest before his timer runs out. If the opponent is shielded, the blow will do no damage, but the opponent will still be sent flying by the force of the blow. Due to Slaking’s Ability, the order on which he’ll attack and rest after being summoned is random (either attack then rest, or rest before attacking).  

Rarity: Common
Move: Splash
Effect: When summoned, Magikarp will simply splash around harmlessly much like a Goldeen. Unlike a Goldeen, however, Magikarp can be picked up by any player and used as a bludgeoning weapon. Every time he hits a player, there is a small cumulative chance that it will become enraged and jump from the player’s hands and evolve into Gyardados.

Rarity: Rare
Move: Bite/Hyper Beam
Effect: After evolving, Gyarados will go on a rampage, flying across the entire stage and attacking any players in sight, but always starting with the player who used its past evolution as a bludgeon first. Any target at close range will have to contend with Gyardos’ Bite attack while those trying to make distance to escape will be targeted by its Hyper Beam. After a mercifully short rampage across the stage, Gyarados will be sated and despawn.
Just a random idea I had all the way back when Brawl first came out. XD This was just lying on my Desktop before I got off my sorry butt and decided to fill it in with a few more ideas I had. Heck, this'll be my New Years Resolution of 2014, finally getting off my ass and writing stuff like I always wanted. :)

As for this piece, not much more to say. I'll probably continue to put down ideas on this as they come, so feel free to shoot any ideas you have and maybe I'll put them in to. But not before you let me know what you think of my ideas first. XD Want some constructive criticism you know? XD Anways, enjoy!
TheDogwhitaTail Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
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